Important notice: This website does not provide legal or financial advice. None of the information below should be construed as legal opinion. If you have any questions about anything on this website or about your alleged debt with Palisades Collections you should contact a qualified FDCPA or TCPA attorney.

Q – Why did you set up this website?
A – Over the many years that I was employed at ASTA I witnessed numerous instances of collection fraud. The vast majority of this fraud was perpetrated upon minorities and financially disadvantaged families who lacked resources to defend themselves. This website is dedicated to obtaining social justice for those who were wronged.

Q – Are you an attorney? Will you represent me?
A – No. I am not an attorney and I cannot represent you or give you legal advice. During the course of our discussions I may refer you to an attorney who may be able to help you. I am not affiliated with any attorney or law firm in any way and do not receive referral fees or any compensation of any kind.

Q – What is power of attorney?
A – A power of attorney gives someone the power to deal with a matter on your behalf. If you give me power of attorney I can discuss your debt with Palisades Collections, ASTA funding, or any of their debt collection agents. Once you give power of Attorney the debt collectors calls and notices to you stop. They will contact me instead. Should I get contacted on your behalf I will contact you to discuss next steps. Alternatively you can use an Attorney or another individual and benefit from the information provided on this site.

Q – Will you testify on my behalf?
A – Yes. If your attorney decides to being a lawsuit in your name, I will appear at any deposition or trial that your attorney requests. I will not ask for or accept any compensation for my testimony. I will not accept any expenses for travel, even those that are mandated by the court.

Q – What will this cost me?
A – Nothing. I will never ask for any money from you nor will I accept any payment from you. If you retain your own attorney you may have to pay them a fee, although most good FDCPA and TCPA attorneys will sue ASTA or Palisades at no cost to you.

Q – Can you or I cancel the power of attorney agreement?
A – Yes. You or I may cancel the agreement at any time for any reason.